Melbourne Meadows

Treespace’s latest line of services includes the creation of meadow gardens.

These cost effective gardens change with the seasons, and are insect, bee and bird attracting.  Meadows are aesthetically pleasing, with tiers of plants and incorporating a multitude of co-existing plant species including perennial, annual, sedge, grasses and bulbs.  Meadows can be used by councils for parks and roadsides as an alternative to lawns, for home owners looking for a low cost garden solution and for agriculturists interested in improving the quality of their land and field production.

Our people

The Treespace Team

Matt Nees

director and consulatant

Matthew is a consultant arborist and horticulturalist who has worked in the landscape and arboriculture industry since 1994. With tertiary qualifications in horticulture, arboriculture and landscape architecture, Matthew has worked in a number of aspects of the horticulture industry (both private and public sector) in Melbourne. His background was in landscape management, design, and consultancy with Naturelinks Pty Ltd, where he established Treespace Solutions. Among other roles, he’s been involved with the preparation of vegetation assessments, tree protection and management plans for residential and commercial developments as well as private residences including landscape design and the management of projects.

Simon Howe

Heritage & Landscape Consultant

Simon is a consultant arborist and landscape heritage consultant who has worked in the field of landscape management since 1996. With particular expertise in the assessment and management of heritage trees, Simon has worked on many heritage tree assessments and replacement strategies; including heritage tree and landscape assessments for sites of local and state significance for planning applications, planning amendments and Heritage Victoria registrations. Simon has provided numerous Expert Witness Statements together with VCAT representations over the years, and has tertiary qualifications in horticulture and landscape architecture. Simon is a member of Arboriculture Australia and the International Society of Arboriculture and brings a unique skill set to any project.

Sean Gentry

Consultant & Risk Assessor

Sean is a consultant arborist and has worked in the arboriculture industry since 1996. Sean has worked in all aspects of the arboriculture industry in the private sector in Canberra, London and Melbourne; including the preparation of vegetation assessments, as well as tree protection and management plans for residential and commercial developments and private residences. Sean is a member of the Victorian Tree Industry Organisation and is a qualified QTRA Practitioner.