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Specialist reports and advice on trees and landscapes

Treespace Solutions is a comprehensive arboricultural, horticultural and landscape design consultancy service for town planners, developers and home owners.

For over ten years Treespace Solutions has provided a comprehensive arboricultural and horticultural consultancy service; from vegetation surveys and tree reports, through to landscape design, expert advice and consultancy.  

We supply the tree services town planners and developers regularly need. With our staff’s combined expertise (77 years and counting), we can deliver a wide variety of services in a timely and professional manner.

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Tree Consultancy

We provide many different types of reports; preliminary tree assessments, tree impact assessments, tree management plans, tree risk assessments, and general tree condition reports (also known as a VTA – Visual Tree Assessment).

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Landscape Design

Get your garden renovated!  Treespace Solutions offers complete landscape design, planting design and plant selection services.  We can then turn that plan into a reality, building your dream garden landscape.

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Vegetation Surveys

A specialist service for planners, architects and landscape architects, we survey what’s growing on properties.  This horticultural consultancy also provides advice if the garden looks unwell and needs some help.

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Landscape and Garden Design, Melbourne

Planners and Architects

We design landscapes and gardens for multi-unit developments, and small gardens in public areas. We have also developed and executed creative plans for highr end developments, where a unique garden and landscape design is required for a specialized, unique or personal project.

Home Owners

Do you need your existing garden renovated, where a design is needed for an existing garden? Our plans are site specific, customized to your situation.  Treespace can design your garden to your taste, and take the house into consideration.

Playgrounds and
Child Care Centres

These environments can be highly regulated, as well as requiring highly tactile interactive gardens and landscapes. We are experts in playgrounds and childcare centres, already servicing numerous childcare centres around Melbourne.

Drought Tolerant Garden Plans

Drought Tolerant Garden Plans – “Xeriscapes”: Get a garden that is water efficient.  Our horticulturists can help plan a garden for you that is drought tolerant and needs little water while looking great.


The Beauty of the Meadow

Meadow planting promotes not only biological diversity of plants and animals but enhances the beauty of fields, attracts birdlife and improves dairy production.

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